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Sara Möndell and Carl Forsström

Sara Möndell /  +46 (0)709 35 53 26
Carl Forsström / +46 (0)708 33 02 10
Visiting address: Kungsgatan 29, 111 56 Stockholm, Sweden

We want to be better known!

This is one of the most common reasons why organisations reach out to us. You have a unique set of skills, service or product, or you are passionate about an important societal issue. At the same time, you know you need to do something more to draw attention to that business or issue.

Our offer needs to be clarified

In a time when communication noise never stops buzzing, and the competition for customers’ attention is constantly increasing, a clear, comprehensible and differentiated offer is central. We can help package your company’s or organisation’s offer clearly and efficiently in a way that is relevant to your target group.

We want to get medias attention

Our customers’ needs range from launching an individual news item to long-term profiling of their business as an important reference in the media to bring about a change. We have over 20 years of experience working proactively with media relations and have helped companies and organisations from most industries attract greater interest from the media. Simply put, we help you develop newsworthy communications.

We want to have a better social media presence

Communicating with your target groups via social media channels is a fundamental part of our work. We help you with the entire chain from channel and content strategy to writing and producing content for your social media channels.

We are facing a potential crisis

Communication keeps crisis management running smoothly and in some cases becomes its most important tool. We can help you when the situation is urgent or when you need to prepare.


We need a communication professional for a limited assignment

Sometimes a short-term need arises when an organisation is changing or when someone needs to be temporarily replaced. Beachfront Communications’ senior consultants can strengthen your organisation, lending their strategic and operational communication skills to a variety of short or long-term assignments.

Kontakta oss

Thank you, we'll keep in touch

BEACHFRONT COMMUNICATIONS  Kungsgatan 29, 111 56 Stockholm, Sweden

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