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Communikation in crisis and change

Have there been any unforeseen events that affect or challenge current operations? Is there a risk of a negative impact on the brand or business from the incident?

Nobody can predict everything, but being as prepared as possible is really the difference between success and failure when it comes to dealing with crises. We live in a turbulent time, so it is particularly important to plan and prepare your communication.


Communication is the hub that holds crisis management together and sometimes becomes the most important tool. We can help you when the situation is urgent or when you need to prepare for something that might happen where the crisis inventory is the starting point.


Well-thought-out communication is also a cornerstone of any organisational change. Our experienced team gives you the advice and external perspectives that are central to challenging processes.

Services we deliver


  • Emergency crisis communication management

  • Risk inventory

  • Preparatory crisis communication plan

  • Training and education

  • Strategy and plan, implementation of change communication

  • Coaching

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