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About Beachfront Communications

Beachfront Communications is a new type of PR and communications agency with a clear objective - we want to make it easy for companies and organisations to succeed with their communications.


  We work with making our clients more visible, strengthening their relationships with important target groups, assisting with communication in crises and changes, running campaigns to increase sales and reaching out to the financial market. At Beachfront Communications we develop and package communication strategies and concepts, produce the content and activate the communication in different channels. Our starting point is always the same - everyone can have their own unique story to tell, our job is to identify, package and activate it.

Our way of working

Our idea is that it should be easy to get help and succeed with your communication. Hiring a communications agency should not automatically mean large work groups or time-consuming processes.

Our consultants are experienced communication specialists who can both create the strategy and do the work. In order to have a comprehensive offer, we also work with a large network of partners who match Beachfront Communication's consultants in terms of experience and specialist knowledge.  In this way, the collaboration is based on what is best in relation to ambition and budget. All in all, this makes for a small and dynamic team without a lot of unnecessary overhead. With Beachfront's experienced team, you'll be up and running in no time.

Beachfront Agency or Beachfront Interim

As we believe in simple and uncomplicated collaborations, we have two different collaboration models depending on your needs.


Beachfront Agency

If you need communication specialists to help with certain projects or campaigns, Beachfront Agency is probably the best fit for you. Beachfront Agency offers a wide range of specialists in PR and brand communication, crisis and change communication, financial communication and digital marketing. We customise a team based on your needs.


Beachfront Interim

Do you need to solve a temporary need for communication or marketing support? Or perhaps someone to help you build an organisation and structure for marketing and communication? Then a solution from Beachfront Interim can be the model. With our flexible model, you get quick access to an experienced specialist who reviews your needs and helps you implement what needs to be done where you determine the scope. 


Our partners

We collaborate with some of the industry's most experienced and best in their specialist competences in Sweden and the Nordic region in areas such as digital marketing, design, sustainability, brand strategy and events. We also have a wide network of partners across the world.


  • Communication strategy

  • Crisis communication planning

  • Digital strategy     


Content and launch

  • PR and media relations

  • Public affairs

  • Digital communication and campaigns

  • Integrated communication

  • Press releases

  • Press conferences

  • Opinion articles

  • Launches & brand communication

  • Copywriting

  • Change communication

  • Sustainability communication

  • Internal communication

  • Film

  • Quarterly reports

  • Message from the CEO

  • Newsletters

  • Annual reports

  • Events



  • Media training

  • Media coaching

  • Message training

  • Crisis communication training

  • Risk inventory

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